Chapter 8 – Guide Conclusions Review

Welcome to the final chapter of the guide! Take a moment to wrap-up by gathering the information you need from the course and storing it in the file, notebook, or binder you use to document harassment.

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Let’s wrap up the lessons learned from this Guide to Navigating Harassment at Work & School

Complete the exercises in the following document to first organize the information from this guide so that you can reference them as you continue your practice, and then form an action-plan in how you will apply these lessons in your career and life.

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You completed the STEM Thrive Guides’ Guide on How to Navigate Bias, Harassment, and Discrimination at Work and School!

I sincerely hope that this guide was just what you need to feel confident and empowered in navigating difficult situations at work and school. Having been through years of struggle myself, my heart called me to make this guide to share what I know about thriving in a career in STEM. It’s certainly not as easy as memorizing a few mathematical formulas! 

I realize that the effects of this course are likely not immediate. Perhaps in the future, when you are dealing with harassment, you can really put these lessons to practice. At that point, I would love to know whether the Resilience Mindset and Reporting Framework work for you. 

Again, congratulations and thank you for accessing this guide!

I look forward to keeping in touch with you through the Resilient in STEM community and on LinkedIn.

If you would like to help The STEM Thrive Guides mission in any way, please let me know!

Best Wishes,


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