Chapter 4 – Self-Care & Emotional Intelligence Development

Self care is revolutionary. In our capitalist patriarchal society, we are taught that success comes at the expense of our wellbeing. In STEM fields and higher education productivity over everything is pushed. Chapter 4 is a reflection on how we must care for ourselves and put our wellbeing first when we navigate forms of oppression like bias and harassment.

Tip: Listen to this episode from The Resilient in STEM podcast & reflect on how self-love is revolutionary in your life:

Self Care & Emotional Intelligence are cornerstones toward developing the skills for navigating bias & harassment.

Download the following document to begin learning about the link between self care, emotional intelligence, and navigating bias and harassment.

4.1 Self Care Part 1

4.2 Self Care Part 2

4.3 Emotional Intelligence

4.4 Self Care Exercise

Download and complete the following exercise to begin or continue to develop your self care practice.

4.5 Historical Perspectives on Valuing Women’s Health, Wisdom, & Ideas

I’m definitely not an expert in the history of gender or racial equity. I have dedicated myself to learning more about this topic, but do not feel confident in teaching it. For that reason, I only share my perspective as a cisgender, white woman. I’ll be the first to point out that I omit how it’s not just women’s perspectives that have been silenced, but also people from any demographic not in power.

I share this document below despite its limitations because I think it is still important to share this information from my perspective. My hope is that it helps others see that their perspective is important, and that they are not the only ones being silenced; it is a small part of a history of systemic silencing.

4.6 Exercise: You are Significant

Download and complete the following exercise to grow your awareness of how significant you are. You matter!

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