Chapter 2 – Reflection on Previous Experiences involving Bias, Harassment, and Discrimination

In Chapter 2 we reflect on our previous experiences of bias and harassment. This helps us grow awareness for where we are in our learning journey. Remember, we can be novices or experts in navigating harassment. To grow into experts requires awareness and practice, which you will develop throughout this guide.

Tip: Keep the answers to this exercise in a dedicated location, whether it be a binder, notebook, or file on your personal computer. Add PDFs from this course and any additional information to this central location for your reference.

In this chapter you will reflect on your previous experiences to prepare for the course content.

Read the document below and complete the exercise to prepare for this guide’s content.

If at any point you become triggered or emotionally overwhelmed, please self-care and return when you feel better. It’s okay to take breaks.

Complete Chapter 2 & Proceed to Chapter 3